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Just For Fun Classes

Just For Fun Classes

At Wicked Dance Works we cater for all levels of dance.  We have a huge range of ‘Just for Fun’ or “Recreational’ classes in all genres which are no pressure weekly classes that build confidence, keep students fit and gives them the chance to make like-minded friends, be creative and get active!  Our just for fun classes commence once per week and include an annual performance at our end of year concert in November.  Occasionally students may also be given the opportunity to perform at local events.  Details of these performances will be given in class. No performances are compulsory and parents and students have the option to opt out once the opportunity presents itself.  

Just for Fun classes also present opportunities to take part in annual exams.  Again exams are not compulsory and are at the parents discretion.  All of our classes follow a syllabus in which students can take exams.  Your child does not need to complete exams in order to move up to the next class.

In Term 3 2017 we will be offering a range of NO CONCERT CLASSES.  While we love concert time and love all the benefits an end of year concert gives to our budding performers, we do recognise that concerts do not suit everyone due to a number of reasons including time restrictions, cost and the confidence of a child.  Whilst we are happy for students not doing the concert to still take part in classes that are doing the concert we want to offer classes that are not preparing for a performance as there will be no talk of costumes, rehearsals etc.  More details of non-concert will be available in Term 2.

Visit our timetable for times and days of our ‘Just for Fun’ Recreational classes.