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Welcome to Wicked Dance Works! We are Mandurah’s No 1 dance and performance studio!  We offer over 60 dance and fitness classes per week for all ages from toddlers up to Adults. 

Wicked Dance Works is place where kids of all ages shapes, sizes and abilities learn to dance, sing and perform. This is a studio where creativity, individuality and self-expression is encouraged and has a community of teachers, students and families who are passionate about performing arts. Our goal is to create a positive and happy experience for all of our students. We strive to nurture and develop talent, celebrate the achievements of all students and inspire a love and appreciation of all styles of dance and the arts. We are committed to providing a safe and positive environment in which all students can feel empowered, comfortable and free to express themselves.

We are committed to delivering a top notch quality professional and personable service to each and every one of our dance families.  We care about every student’s individual needs and are happy to help and support any issues that may arise in or outside of the studio

We also aim to foster engagement amongst our students, encourage them to achieve and, ultimately, equip them with the qualities to enable them to fulfil their life purpose which brings us to our motto…..Dream, Believe, Achieve!  

We also have a team of highly qualified and experienced teachers who share Louisa’s vision, passion and ethics in dance teaching practices,  this is what makes our Wicked faculty so AWESOME!  

Wicked Dance Works strives to create a sound environment for children and adults to learn how to dance, gain confidence, make friends and excel in their chosen technique.  We aim to be an inclusive dance school inviting both kids and adults of all fitness and abilities to our classes.  We promote a friendly, encouraging, non-competitive environment for all.  We LOVE to dance and have FUN!  Let’s Get Wicked!

Wicked Dance Works is led by Louisa Brown a highly qualified dance teacher with a Bachelor of Arts with Honors Degree in Dance Education amongst other industry qualifications including I.S.T.D, I.D.T.A, RAD & Allied medals and awards.  Louisa has a wide range of teaching experience in Primary, High & Private Schools, College’s, University’s, Dance and Performance Schools as well as lots of teaching work for community projects.  We also have a team of highly qualified and experienced teachers who share Louisa’s vision and ethics in dance teaching practices. For more on our teachers please visit the ‘About us’ page.





What a fabulous competition we had @Rainbowdancecomps!  Wicked Dance Works was awarded the top prize, a Studio Excellence Award! Congratulations to our teachers, students and parents!  This award is for you and for all your hard... read more

Competition Team 2017

Do you have what it takes to be a part of the Wicked Competition team?   Do you want to compete as a soloist, in a troupe and get to travel nationally and internationally?  Do you strive to be the best and represent your studio, area and state the best way you can?  The Wicked comp team has been established since February 2016.  In our first year we have done extremely well competing in 8 competitions and 1 National final throughout the season.   We have made a huge impact on the comp circuit in WA and more recently in Melbourne at the Follow Your Dreams National Finals where 8 of our entires became National Champions in their genres!  You just have to pop on to our Facebook or Instagram page to have a complete run down of what has been won, what has placed and at what competition!  Amazing awards we have received this year are; Follow Your Dreams Studio Spirit Award 2016 for WA Kid’s Artistic Revue Top Rising Studio Award 2016 WA 7th Top Performance Studio at The Kwinana Dance Festival out of 35 local studio’s Follow Your Dreams 5U Song & Dance National Champion  Follow Your Dreams 8U Hip Hop National Champion  Follow Your Dreams 8U Hip Hop Trio National Champions Follow Your Dreams 13U Hip Hop Duo National Champions Follow Your Dreams 13U Hip Hop Troupe National Champions Follow Your Dreams 13U Jazz Troupe National Champions Follow Your Dreams 15U Hip Hop Troupe National Champions Follow Your Dreams Parent Dance off National Champion Follow Your Dreams Junior Champion Dancer Runner Up Follow Your Dreams Teen Champion Dancer Top Ten 10 Finalist Genres... read more

Just For Fun Classes

At Wicked Dance Works we cater for all levels of dance.  We have a huge range of ‘Just for Fun’ or “Recreational’ classes in all genres which are no pressure weekly classes that build confidence, keep students fit and gives them the chance to make like-minded friends, be creative and get active!  Our just for fun classes commence once per week and include an annual performance at our end of year concert in November.  Occasionally students may also be given the opportunity to perform at local events.  Details of these performances will be given in class. No performances are compulsory and parents and students have the option to opt out once the opportunity presents itself.   Just for Fun classes also present opportunities to take part in annual exams.  Again exams are not compulsory and are at the parents discretion.  All of our classes follow a syllabus in which students can take exams.  Your child does not need to complete exams in order to move up to the next class. In Term 3 2017 we will be offering a range of NO CONCERT CLASSES.  While we love concert time and love all the benefits an end of year concert gives to our budding performers, we do recognise that concerts do not suit everyone due to a number of reasons including time restrictions, cost and the confidence of a child.  Whilst we are happy for students not doing the concert to still take part in classes that are doing the concert we want to offer classes that are not preparing for a performance as there will be no talk of costumes,... read more

Hair braiding workshop TONIGHT Studio 3, 6pm $5

Its is our hair braiding workshop tonight at 6pm in studio 3 $5! If you do not know how to braid this is the perfect way to learn in time for the concert! All proceeds go to in to our Melbourne fund. Please bring you own brush, hair ties and hair... read more
Dear Louisa, I just wanted to write you a personal note of thanks and congratulations. Firstly, many congratulations on such a successful year!  When you put so much hard work and effort it is nice that you have been acknowledged through the Peel CCI Awards as well as phenomenal growth that has occurred with Wicked Dance Works. I am so pleased for you in seeing that now you have your own studio and a great line up of instructors for next year.   Secondly, I was so pleased to see how you operate your dance school and was even more thankful for you being mindful of costs for the year end concert.  The concert was just brilliant!  You could see all of your kids just enjoying themselves!  We had our grandma along and she said it was such a great concert, probably the best she’s attended as it was all about the children and having fun.  The dancers improve their fitness and confidence and are able to show case what they have learnt during the year in a pleasurable environment.  I believe you heading this group makes it what it is, so well done!


Wicked Dance Mum, Wicked Dance Works

Thank you so much for the concert you put on last weekend!  It was so good, probably the best we have been too!  My mum brought us all up at the Jonny Young Talent School and we’ve been to soooooo many concert for dancing, singing and acting and even mum said it was one of the best she’d been too!  Thanks so much again! Kelly

Wicked Dance Mum, Wicked Dance Works

Thankyou so much Louisa for all your hard work, patience and dedication. It is all paying off. Fantastic show. Extremely proud of all the kid’s for there hard work. Bring on 2015!! Samantha

Wicked Dance Mum, Wicked Dance Works