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Wicked Dance Community Scholarship Fund

Our Scholarship fund is designed to enrich the community by providing free or half paid dance classes for children form low income families. Wicked Dance Works believes that dance should be accessible to all, through fund raising we hope to provide passionate and talented young children the chance to come and explore their creativity in our state of the art studios learning from the best the industry has to offer.

It is a known fact that being involved in some sort a recreational activity whilst growing up can have a very positive impact on how we approach our education and our outlook on life. Dance & Sport teach us a range of physical, mental and life skills that we can use throughout our whole adult lives. As well as tackling the issues of obesity it can give any participant confidence, teach respect, discipline it helps forge long lasting relationships, teaches the importance of team work, the list of benefits is truly endless.

This fund has been set up out of my passion for community dance and the impact it has had on my life as well as the people around me. Every child matters and every child deserves the chance to dance, be creative, make new friends, grow personally, gain confidence and stay active in a non-judgmental environment.

Scholarship Criteria

You may be eligible for the Wicked Dance Community Scholarship if in the previous financial year:

  • Your income was below $30,000 for singles or $60,000 combined for couples with dependent children.

This scholarship program is open to children between the ages of 3-17 on any types of visa, from any type of background or culture for any dance style on our timetable. More than one child per family can be applied for.

Under certain circumstances half scholarships maybe offered. (Parents must cover the cost of half of the fee’s)

Applicants must apply via an online application form or by downloading the form and returning it by email to Applicants will then be invited to audition. The audition will be 1 hour long and run like a normal dance class, it will not be a pressurised situation.

What we are looking for:

  • We are looking for students who have a genuine passion and enthusiasm for dance.
  • Students that will be committed and attend every class.
  • Students do not have to be very good at dancing but they must display signs of wanting to achieve and get better at dance.
  • Students with a natural ability.

If your child receives a scholarship there are certain T & C’s that must be met.

Terms & Conditions

  • Students must have no more than 1 class off per term, if off for longer a doctor’s note is required. (If your child is absent for longer than 1 class and no doctors note is issued we have the right to revoke the scholarship as it could go to another enthusiastic and passionate child.
  • If a student does not want to continue after week 3 the remaining weeks of the term place will be paid for in full by the parents.
  • Scholarships are awarded to individual children and cannot be transferred.
  • Scholarships are transferable to a different class if the student does not like the style they originally chose.

Please Note:

The scholarship does not cover the cost of the registration fee or any concert costumes.

This Wicked Dance Community Scholarship Fund is raised for by Wicked Dance Works, we do not receive funding from any governing bodies. If your child receives a scholarship we would appreciate your help with our fundraising activities so we can ensure that we can continue to deliver such a program.

Proof of income will be required at the auditions. Proof can be shown in the form of a Concession card, Tax Return, bank statements.

If you would like to get involved in fund raising for the Wicked Dance Community Scholarship Fund then please contact Louisa via email on

Apply for a Scholarship